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Andy Allen


Andy Allen

Health Advisor

Andy Allen got into individual and small group insurance in 2020 after years working in supervisory roles in government and retail, looking for better ways to reward and support employees and individuals for their hard work. After several months of struggling to get my business started, I partnered with the Kingsolver Insurance Agency which specializes in this complex subject, but also is organized and provides the consumer with choices and options and puts them at the head of their healthcare choices. Working mainly with people dealing with the Affordable Care Act, the Federal Market Place, and branching into assisting people to understand Medicare especially helping Veterans who have differing needs with complex issues of Medicare/TriCare for Life (spouses ChampVA)/and VA Benefits getting the most from their healthcare options.
Raised in the farming community of Plainview, Nebraska, spending summers working on the family farm and doing whatever other work he could find, while also being a member of the Nebraska Army National Guard, he developed a strong work ethic. Graduating from Plainview High School in 1982 he was the first member of his family to go to college. Discovering that he could not afford a college education he joined the workforce starting in computer sales and moving into retail supervision, later into technical support and supervision of computer technicians as a government contractor and spending a year working in computer security as an Army Civilian in Iraq in 2008/2009. Returning to Omaha in 2009 he returned to a contractor position with the Army Corps of Engineers and when that contract ended moved back into retail marketing and supervision until deciding to go a different path getting into insurance in 2020 just in time for CoronaVirus and the healthcare challenges that has brought.
Andy is the proud father of a daughter Briann and is active in legislation and politics in Nebraska, between family life, work, assistance in nonprofits, and his interest in early childhood education he stays very busy in the community.

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