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Chief Beagle Officer

Ike the beagle became part of the Opportunity Health Advisors family in June of 2019. Officially earning the role of Chief Beagle Officer on day one, Ike is owned by Brian Kingsolver and has been at Brian’s side since that first day. When Brian is in the office, so is Ike, he has many duties that come with his title, but his main function is to be just cute. He earned the reputation of being the cutest beagle on the main street of Sidney Iowa. His daily routine consists of napping on his pillow in his office (AKA high powered negotiations) assisting dad with the selling of health insurance products (by acting cute), taking walks along main street of Sidney so he can see all of his followers and admirers, from the coffee drinkers at the local drug store next door to his office, to the local bank where he can con the tellers out of a treat, to the local restaurants that help with his capture if he escapes.

In his free time Ike enjoys spending time with his dad either on the family’s farm riding the side by side or getting into trouble. Ike will also travel with his dad and his uncle Randy on the boy’s annual snowmobile trip to Northern Minnesota (however he does not enjoy the cold or the snowmobile). Ike also enjoys his trips to PETCO for the occasional buy-in of office toys and treats. Ike’s hobbies include tugging on his tug toys, playing fetch, or playing what dad calls tug ball (where you play fetch and play tug at the same time). Ike is also enjoying social media you can follow Ike on his Instagram page #ikethebeagle and the opportunity health Facebook page.

If you are ever in Sidney Iowa, he loves to have visitors stop by the office and say hello, but do not be surprised if you are welcomed with a tug toy or a tennis ball.

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