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Brian Kingsolver


Brian Kingsolver


Brian Kingsolver started The Kingsolver Insurance Agency LLC in September of 2013, as he
likes to put it : “When I started this agency I had no idea where we were going to go, or how any
of this would work. We just went in and did it”. Starting his agency at the beginning of the
Affordable Care Act when a lot of other insurance professionals where leaving the health
market, Brian saw an opportunity to build a new kind of agency, one that specializes in a
complex subject, but also is organized and provides the consumer with choices and options and puts them at the head of their healthcare choices.

Born on March 19, 1985 in Shenandoah Iowa, Brian comes from deep Iowa Agriculture
roots. Both his mothers family and fathers were a family of farmers and bankers that had been in Iowa since the 1860’s. Brian went through grade school and high school at Shenandoah
Community Schools graduating from high school in 2004. In the fall of 2004 Brian attended Iowa
Lakes Community College in Emmetsburg Iowa becoming the first in his family to attend
college, and later attending Northwest Missouri State University majoring in agriculture
economics. Originally wanting to trade commodities on the stock market Brian completed his
college education at the height of the financial crisis of 2008, being unable to find work in his
chosen field of choice Brian returned home to Shenandoah, to start his first business, a
landscape company to get by until something better came along. Not afraid of hard work and determined to succeed Brian worked to build his landscape company and also took a job with a local insurance agency in 2011. In 2012 Brian left the local insurance agency that he was
working at to start his own path in insurance. Starting his insurance career in September of
2012 Brian worked for Aflac insurance selling gap medical products, until the fall of 2013 when a number of the individuals and businesses that Brian had enrolled in those Aflac products had asked for his help in assisting them in understanding the Affordable Care Act and how it was going to work. Never to back down from a challenge and anxious to diversify his small book of business Brian took the challenge on and officially started The Kingsolver Agency on September
1, 2013.

“The path was a tough one but the early days of the agency looking back at it was the biggest
adventure of my life”Brian would go on to say. The young agency had 1 office in the bedroom of
Brian’s grandparents farmhouse where he resided. His office consisted of a card table, folding
chair and his laptop. Brian worked 7 days a week and 360 days out of the year. If you know
Brian you are familiar with the story he tells about his farm family's creed “If you take care of the ground the ground will take care of you”. Brian is noted in saying “ If I take care of the clients the clients will take care of me”. That is not just a saying, that is a way of life for Brian that has never
left him since that very first day. In 2014 Brian opened his first office in Shenandoah Iowa, needless to say the venture was not a successful one he closed the office in December of 2014.
In 2016 with seed money received by an insurance company that Brian was affiliated with he
successfully opened his first office in Sidney Iowa, where the company's headquarters is
housed today. In 2018 Brian ventured into the Omaha Nebraska market opening his second office. This would have been a great end to the story but anyone that knows Brian well enough knows that he is not someone that is never satisfied with endings, he is someone that is always looking for beginnings.

At the request of an existing group health client in Omaha Nebraska Brian officially became
licensed in the state of California. “I saw the opportunity to do what I did in the Midwest, on the
west coast, I was bored and wanting a new challenge and I felt California could provide that.”
With no financial backing and just hard work and determination Brian entered the California
health insurance market in Southern California. Starting out in just the group health market in
March of 2020 Brian officially opened the third office in Southern California and also expanded The Kingsolver Insurance Agency’s offering in California to Covered California small group and individual business, Medicare, life insurance, and annuities. In February of 2021 The Kingsolver Insurance Agency had yet made another significant change officially forming a subsidiary company Opportunity Health Advisors, and adding two new partners / owners. This 5 year commitment Brian believes will be the next phase on his long and successful insurance career
but also provide other up and coming insurance agents the opportunity to have the same
amazing opportunities that Brian has been blessed to have in his life. Brian officially took over
the role of CEO of Opportunity Health Advisors in April of 2021, and opened his fourth office in
Sacramento California to assist California clients in Northern California.

In his free time Brian is the proud daddy of his beagle Ike, as Brian likes to call him my CBO
(Chief Beagle Officer). Brian resides in Sidney Iowa and enjoys various hobbies such as
woodworking, golf, traveling to new places, and spending time with family and friends. Brian
also enjoys snowmobiling a hobby that he picked up from his grandparents on his mothers side,
Brian and his younger brother Randy both have the passion for the sport, and take an annual
trip to Northern Minnesota where there grandparents went every year in February, of course
with Ike the beagle as well ! Brian enjoys many things in his life but one the most important is
his work and experiences, he is always learning and wanting to learn from his clients. In many
ways his life story is an American story, and this great American story never ends, it only begins.
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